One thing I have always been certain of is the fact that the world loves to see things. These things are more desirable when it is inclined to aesthetics. I have always loved to paint but unfortunately, I was not gifted in that aspect. 

We would agree that every sphere of life these days is affected by the visual; especially in the business world. With the emergence of online stores and spaces, people are looking for stories; believable ones. From the online business owner to the content creators, pictures are a big deal. Pictures tell stories and for business people, they help to convince your customer that what you have in stock for them is indeed the best and ideal for them. Nobody wants to trade cash for something unappealing to whatever purposes they have in mind.

I used to think that pictures are made by just opening your camera app, holding the phone in a hand, and clicking away on the capture button. Apparently, it is not so. In fact photography is one of the most technical forms of art. I was going to be scared about that realization but then I see a young man who has something to offer and has been offering and making his gain for a few years now using the Servv platform.

AlexandraChampagne is a business that specializes in photography. Amazing, isn’t it? I think it is. He is gifted; I cannot think of another word to use, and had long decided to share his gift with a community of picture lovers. Sorry, the right word is ‘good’ picture lovers. He not only displays his work online to be bought but also has embraced a virtual means of reaching out to people anywhere in the world. From the comfort of your home, you can help him earn while earning some knowledge yourself. 

While scrolling through his website, you’d discover how fast his tickets are selling out. He has many schedules of classes on different days at different rates. I noticed a lot of ‘exhausted’ on the catalog and I could not help but wonder how amazingly easy technology has helped businesses grow. With the help of Servv, he schedules classes; clients sign up and join in via the video conferencing app, Zoom. He not only gets to teach you secrets to making the best pictures for a small token but also allows you to interact with him and other students from across the world.

Let’s imagine a scenario where there’s no enabling of a virtual classroom, only physical meetings. Do you reckon that there’d be so much turn up? I think not. It would have been a very limiting venture and limited number of people means limited profit. Using Servv has helped him reach out to people who ordinarily would have been out of reach to him and more people means more earnings and profit. Servv must really be on the top list of apps for helping businesses move from a hundred percent to five hundred percent. 

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