The world has always been a difficult place to live in but humans have always proven themselves to be capable of surviving, even through the worst times. 2020 was one of those times because we lost a lot. It was also one of the times humans proved themselves capable of survival. La cuisine was birthed by the couple, Brett and Tina Cusker when all hearts seemed to be broken by the rampant loss of lives. The couple, having traveled wide and far; three foreign countries and about six states, decided to open a world- class business with the  their menu reflecting the knowledge gathered from the owners experiences of the culinary art during their tour around the world. Amazing right? I bet you’d want to hear more. I will indulge you.

The pandemic, as we are well aware of gave birth to a lot of technologies and lifestyles as means of adapting to situations and happenings as at the time. One of such developments were the video conferencing tools, online marketing and shopping and the bone of contention in this article, live shopping as well as an opportunity at fostering a virtual presence. We were able to experience, like never before, a new and easier means of buying and selling without even being in close proximity to one another.

It is one of these services that La cuisine employed while starting out their business venture in the covid era. Servv, I believe is not a new term in the business environment. We are aware of the many benefits one can gain from using the service. Well, if you are not, then brace yourself to see the wonderful change it brought into the lives of the owners of La cuisine.

la cusine - servv event bookings

Starting out a business, especially in the middle of a pandemic can be very exhausting, except of course, you have the right tools. This was what the owners of La cuisine had in mind when they decided to incorporate the use of Servv in their business. With Servv, they were able to help people all over the world learn their many recipes by enrolling in one of their many virtual classes. Apart from the availability of a virtual presence, La cuisine was also able to offer in-person events to their clients using Servv. They allow for virtual booking of appointments too.

With these services put out to the public, there was an increase in patronage as distance no longer served as a barrier for anything; learning, appointment booking etc. La cuisine has also been known to allow live shopping during their virtual classes for registered students. There, students can buy equipments and tools as well as ingredients that they see on display while at, sometimes, far distances. Servv has helped the establishment not only establish a relationship between their clients/ students but also make sales a hitch-free activity not limited by distance or the fear of possibly contracting the rona virus while shopping or learning. Sales toppled more than expected and today, they are recognized as one of the best out there.

This top notch quality backed by Servv; of keeping things under control, maintaining relationship and embracing easier means of shopping for their clients that earned them the #1 place in Bozeman as best new business in 2022.

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