I have always thought highly of food. Yes, the food we eat. I have always seen it as more than what we put in our mouth or savor. I think food is like a magnet, possessing superlative powers to bring two people together and creating tight, unbreakable bonds in the process.

This is the case with Red Seal chefs, Jody and Kristie of The culinary studio. The duo met and bonded over a meal during their time in culinary school. This one moment proved to be the oil stain on one finger that affected the rest of the fingers. From bonding over meals, they soon came together to co-found Kitchener-Waterloo’s premier recreational cooking school; what I guess is the culinary studio of today.

the culinary studio - Servv events booking app for food and recipe classes

The duo has spent more than twenty years of experience pushing their passion forward to the public. Their services have been said to be both insightful and entertaining. The time they have spent in the food industry tells us that they have, like many long-standing businesses seen the coming and fading of several technologies. Their ability to stand still also tells us so much about their adaptability to the changing landscape of the modern business sphere.

They, like many other small businesses, had been faced with the choice of adapting or being kicked out or drawn back during the pandemic of 2020; a rather tough and trying time, you may want to agree with me. Thanks to technology, that has always been a way out for man to fight difficulties. They embraced the virtual scene, like many other businesses, advancing their passion to experiment with their cooking and also being able to teach others that may be interested in learning from them.

With the advent of apps like Zoom, these two strong women were able to keep business going forward. The lockdown has long being forgotten and life has long ago returned to normalcy but this business still boasts of a strong virtual presence. Why? The truth is not far-fetched. The benefits they discovered using the virtual space was nothing compared to what it used to be for them. Although things were going fine even before the pandemic, the culinary studio seemed to have gotten a stronger online base while building relationships with their clients online; one benefit that Servv had served them.

More and more people are signing up for their classes from anywhere in the world. In their own words, ‘…but we have not looked back, enjoying our virtual platform expansion more than we ever thought possible.’ This statement from the company tells us how much a virtual space; ordering ingredients, signing up for and joining classes from anywhere in the world, etc. has impacted their company’s profitability even more than they had anticipated.The wide response from many people around the world has helped the Red Seal chefs advance their dreams and passions while earning and building a stable relationship with their customer base. The wonders of technology; the wonders of using Servv.

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