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Servv™ allows you to enable Virtual & In-Person Appointment Bookings, Webinars, Recordings & Live Shopping experience on your Shopify store.

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Convert physical experiences into virtual ones

Convert physical experiences into virtual ones

  • Implement personalized live sessions to increase your profitability and client satisfaction
  • Increase upsell with Post Purchase Checkout
  • Save Lost Sales with Video powered Customer Service
  • We handle appointment bookings, allowing you to focus on the other important matters of your business
  • Effortlessly record and monetize your sessions and give your customers the option to purchase

    We Are Integrated With Your Everyday Apps!

    We Are Integrated With Your Everyday Apps!

    When it comes to Virtual Events, Webinars, Recordings, Live Shopping and Appointment Bookings for your business, our seamless integrations between Shopify, Zoom, and Google Calendar are best in class.All of this comes together in a package that provides your customers with an easy-to-use booking experience.

    Easy Live & In-Person Event Bookings for your customers
    Paid Webinars and Recordings
    Enable Virtual Shopping for Shopify with Servv
    Servv brings you Shopify Live Shopping
    Live Customer Support

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    About Us

    Servv AI helps meet the needs of small business owners to conduct their usual consultations, classes, presentations, etc.,online. It allows merchants to conduct e-commerce with live 1-on-1 video shopping. Our vision is to be the best-in-class virtual assistant software by saving businesses time and money through streamlining their virtual bookings from initial registration to payment–all at a click of a button. We are led by our team of talented team of developers, always adaptable and considerate of our users’ feedback. We know we have succeeded when your appointment/event calendars are filled, your business is consistently generating revenue from new streams, and your customers are raving about how your online experience is exceptionally easy-to-use

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    Servv allows you to do Live Shopping on Shopify. E-commerce businesses on Shopify can tap into the flourishing world of live shopping and improve revenue while catering to a more satisfied clientele.
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    How to Set Up Virtual Appointment Bookings for Shopify

    How to Set Up Virtual Appointment Bookings for Shopify

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