Automated Booking Software on Shopify

Servv streamlines your event and appointment bookings - saving you and your customers time while allowing you to focus on what matters most.

1-on-1 Video Consultations & Virtual E-commerce Shopping

  • Connect to your Google Calendar that is automatically updated with each booking to stay organized and ensure you are never double-booked.

  • Set your team’s availability by adding multiple team members’ Zoom accounts to your Servv profile and host multiple sessions simultaneously.

  • Send automatic emails to your customers, providing them with meeting details and Zoom link.

Manage In-Person and Virtual Events

  • Select your setting by providing a choice for both in-person or virtual locations.

  • Send automatic reminders to your event attendees to keep them informed and up-to-date.

  • Create recurring events to further organize and simplify your scheduling to save you time.

Create and Sell On-Demand Recordings

  • Add new revenue streams by effortlessly creating recordings of your content and selling them on your store.

  • Create Shopify products from your Zoom account’s recordings stored on the cloud.

  • Automated post-purchase by sending an email notification with a watch and download link after your customers purchase a recording.

Showcase your Brand Identity

  • Customize your booking widgets to maintain your brand identity and consistency across your web platform. Adjust the color, images, location, and language of your widget to match your store.

  • Customize your emails by having complete control over the text you send in your automatic reminder/notification emails, and convey the messages you want to nurture your prospective customers with.

Advanced Event Bookings Analytics

  • Track your progress while navigating our analytics dashboard to aid your strategy generation.

  • Servv monitors key metrics such as the total number of hosted events and appointments, total registration, total revenue, most/least sold events and appointments, as well as individual team member performance tracking.

Post Checkout Purchase Upsells

  • Improve your checkout system by allowing your customers to book a virtual consultation with the store post-purchase.

  • Retain your customers by ensuring that they have access to a state-of-the-art and industry-leading customer service experience.

Set it and Forget it

Does your business conduct appointments and/or events? Set your availability and enable the Servv widget. Your customers will love how simple and easy-to-use your booking system is.

Whether your appointments or events are free or paid, Servv takes care of everything. From the initial booking, to sending the meeting link, to taking care of payment.



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