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If you are a regular user of Shopify, whether as a merchant or a consumer, then you are familiar with certain apps that improve customer experiences and help merchants manage their businesses. One thing I have learned in my long years of e-commerce involvement is that you can never stop improving. To help you improve your Shopify business and experience, I have collated a list of the top apps.

Come along with me to learn of the top ten apps for customers and merchants alike for 2024.

  • SERVV AI ( Link )

  • Servv™ is a Shopify Appointment Booking App which allows you to enable both Online & In-Person Events, Appointment Bookings, Webinars, Recordings & Live Shopping experience on your Shopify store. Servv™ is the livewire that will transform your business from the lower reaches to the very top. It simply makes everything easy. 

    Unlock new revenue stream, virtual shopping and virtual clienteling experience, increase post checkout purchase upsell while reducing operational cost. Easy to Install and Setup.

    Servv provides an easy to use integration between Shopify and Zoom allowing Small to Medium Enterprises to establish digital face to face communication supporting revenue generating events such as yoga and gym classes as well as training sessions. Servv provides the perfect opportunity for SME’s to lead the next evolution of online shopping. This innovative new application bridges the gap between Zoom and Shopify with a click of the button, bringing shop owners closer to their customers than they have ever been.

    As an Events & Appointments booking app, one of the major benefits of Servv to businesses is events and appointments for both Online and Inperson bookings. While many can sit in the comfort of their homes and make purchases, Servv AI takes it a step further and creates a system where the customer sits right at home but feels like he/she is involved in the whole shopping process – this process is called Appointment shopping which continues to be popular on Shopify. With Appointment shopping and Live shopping, you get the “walking through the shopping aisle experience.”

    This experience is coordinated via Zoom with a seamless integration that makes everything natural without extra hassle to the customer. 

    Merchants can also offer after-sale services, a method proven to improve customer retention. With Servv AI you get to be with your customer from pre-service to post-service and trust me, that customer is bound to return for more!


  • The best businesses are customer-oriented and only a few apps are better at helping you keep in touch with customers than DelightChat. This app offers an inbox that allows you to manage customer concerns and queries through WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, and more.

    Businesses that court their customers’ love often achieve this through DelightChat as it offers a faster response rate and allows for broadcast messages with marketing overtones and undertones.


  • When it comes to taking stock of your store, Maxtrixify is the app you need. It allows you to import and export your Shopify store data in bulk. For beginners seeking to migrate to Shopify or the other way around, Maxtrixify is your go-to app for easy transition. It also offers you the option of updating your store data using Excel and CSV files.

    For newbies worried about losing customers, Maxtrixify ensures you migrate with your customers including existing orders and products.  


  • To encourage customers to return, again and again, businesses encourage gamification. When a task comes with rewards, people tend to pay attention and with ViralSweep, you can create contests designed to reward spenders or create a variety of contests aimed at improving your acceptability.

    This is a model that many businesses employ, something akin to “word-of-mouth marketing” where you incentivize customers to bring others to the store. ViralSweep doesn’t encourage one specific contest, it allows for different promotional models.

  • OMNISEND ( Link )

  • Omnisend is one of the best email marketing apps on Shopify. It provides merchants with the tool to court customers and deliver timely reminders to others sitting at the edge, uncertain about the purchase.

    Instead of creating a whole email marketing strategy, Omnisend offers tools that simplify the process. From Templates to landing pages and popups that guide you to create and automate the email processes.

    Omnisend is the go-to point for many Shopify businesses hoping to keep in touch with customers and improve conversion.


  • One thing every merchant tries to do is ensure that every product that goes into a cart is not simply forgotten there. Most times, customers place products in their carts but never go beyond that point to actual purchase, the cause of this is not some form of apathy or unwillingness to go through with it, it is rather cart abandonment.

    The major reason a cart is abandoned is the lack of seamless synchronization. A buyer may place an article on a cart when on their laptop but when it’s checkout time, they may want to checkout using their phones where they have stored their credit card details. If the product doesn’t show up, it is forgotten.

    With Keeper, your business seamlessly synchronizes across all the devices a customer uses hence, there is nothing like a forgotten cart!


  • Hextom is a product management app that allows you to keep track of your store but beyond inventory, it helps you build trust with your customers. How would an app help you build trust? Hextom offers you the option of showcasing trust badges on your product pages, a proven way to earn customers’ trust and ensure they buy your products.

    The best thing about Hextom is that it helps you keep track of your products and reminds you when it’s time to restock.


  • Sometimes, you will need to organize or host a crowdfunding campaign for your Shopify store. When this time comes, Crowdfunder makes it easy as it allows you to organize and manage a crowdfunding campaign directly from your Shopify page with very little hassles.

    Crowdfunder is perfect for not-for-profit organizations and simplifies the process of raising funds for various purposes.


  • If you desire an app that helps you manage your upsells, look no further than Candy Rack, one of the best Shopify apps available to merchants at the moment. Upselling refers to the practice of encouraging customers to buy products related to what they have already purchased, supplementary goods, or products made by the same company. To do this effectively, you need Candy Rack.

    With the Candy Rack app, you can easily build your upsell funnel. It allows you to design pre-purchase, in-cart upsells and post-purchase offers that allow you to sell more to customers as well as other nifty tools for upselling. 


  • If you desire an app that keeps your calendars updated and manages your schedules, Zoho is a good option after ServvTM. With Zoho, you can schedule and pay for appointments with ease.

    It is not just about booking appointments, it is also about making sure you don’t miss that appointment and Zoho helps you with that.


    The best thing for your business is a constant reimagining of your terrain. Whatever app you’re using now, think about what could make it better as you go through this list.