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Servv Virtual Events and Appointments app for Shopify Businesses

Jul 23, 2022

Harmeek Jhutty

Any company that purchases and sells products or services online is said to be engaged in e-commerce. One of the e-commerce systems is Shopify, which enables you to build online retail websites with social networking integration, product posting, shopping cart, payment tools, and order processing all built-in.

Shopify is a full-featured e-commerce platform that enables you to launch, develop, and manage your online business. In order to launch your Shopify e-commerce business, you must first develop and customize your online store with text, a logo, photographs, and videos to match the visual style of your brand.

You must also manage your products, inventory, shipping, and payments. However, it goes beyond simply establishing an online store; there are other factors as well. You must promote both productivity and foot traffic to your shop. Servv steps in to help with it.

Servv - Virtual Appointment Bookings app is an advanced cutting-edge Shopify software that will help you boost sales by enabling the creation of virtual and in-person events, virtual appointments, zoom webinars, and recordings. With Servv, you can enhance post-checkout purchase upsell while lowering operating expenses, opening up a new revenue stream, and providing a virtual shopping and clienteling experience.

All of these things come together to form a convenient booking experience for your clients.


What role does Servv play in Shopify's e-commerce operations?

  • Utilize customized live sessions to boost your revenue and client pleasure
  • Utilize post-purchase checkout to increase upsells
  • Helps you manage appointment scheduling so you may concentrate on other crucial business issues
  • Implement video-powered customer service to recover lost sales
  • Easily record your sessions, monetize them, and provide consumers with the option to buy
  • By utilizing Servv, you may increase sales for your e-commerce sites by utilizing digital face-to-face communication.


 Servv features that can boost post-checkout purchases and upsell:

  • Automated email reminders and personalized templates
  • Assistance for translations with multilingual support
  • Create one-time or ongoing virtual events that take place in person with ease. Your clients can purchase or receive complimentary appointment bookings
  • Sell On-demand Zoom Video Recordings
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar
  • Dynamic Zoom Integration
  • Use the Shopify admin interface to set up Zoom meetings. Zoom doesn't require a login.
  • Automatically generates unique Zoom links
  • Shopify has an advanced, automatic, and thorough Zoom integration.
  • Create Zoom Webinars and sell tickets to 1000s of attendees with just a few clicks
  • Teams support with individual Zoom accounts
  • List and grid layouts are available on separate Events and Appointment Widgets
  • Customized widget colors to fit your branding


Plans & Pricing:

Customers can choose any of the four available plans i.e.

  • Free Plan
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Feature and Pricing details can be found on the listing page here



For hosting virtual and in-person events, webinars, recordings and appointments, Servv is a feature-rich application with a variety of cutting-edge features designed to meet growing needs of businesses and their customers.

The best-in-class Shopify, Zoom, and Google Calendar integrations are provided by Servv when it comes to virtual events and appointment reservations to help businesses increase sales and revenue.