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There are lots of appointment booking apps on Shopify. If you’re a regular user of the Shopify platform, you’ll be familiar with some of these apps. While some of them are wonderful, especially in specific areas, they fall flat in others, forcing you to employ the use of more than one app for your shopping needs.

This combination of multiple apps for Zoom, appointment bookings, customer service, and follow-up leaves you with a messy process and your customers with a cumbersome system. Your business receives a new lease of life when you can use one app that has seamless Zoom integration and offers all the tools you need for success on Shopify.

If you haven’t heard of ServvAI before, the first question on your mind is what is ServvAI?


ServvAI is a platform designed to help businesses and individuals conduct business through targeted online and in-person events and appointment bookings. That sounds pretty simple when you think of it but while ServvAI is one of the easiest-to-use platforms, it offers a lot more to merchants and customers who use the Shopify platform.

What you get with ServvAI is an app that allows you to simplify your processes from customer conversion to point-of-sale and after-sale services. With ServvAI you can easily schedule appointments whether online or in-person appointments as well as carry out communications with your existing and prospective customers.


While lots of apps compete for your attention on Shopify, there is really no gainsaying the fact that Shopify is the app you need to make your business come alive, boost sales and propel yourself to the top of the chain. But what sets ServvAI apart from the other apps and platforms on Shopify?

Here are five reasons why ServvAI is the best app for Shopify!

  • While most of the apps available on Shopify are cumbersome and sometimes riddled with difficulties, ServvAI offers an easy-to-use template. This ease of use does not simply apply to the merchant or the customer but to both sides. If a merchant is looking to organize an online or in-person event, ServvAI can help make that happen with full ease. If a customer is seeking an appointment with a merchant, with the ServvAI appointment booking tool, the customer will find available dates and times and select what is most convenient. Recall that convenience is a useful tool in business, It makes customers feel valued and allows the Merchant to make the best use of their time.

    On the Merchant side, notifications can be sent out easily via email to remind customers of a meeting in a timely manner. The best part is that you can automate these messages so that there is no room for forgetfulness.

    Customers can readjust the appointment to suit their convenience without inconveniencing the merchant.


  • When it comes to appointments, most Shopify apps limit the options you can offer customers. With ServvAI you get the opportunity to offer the options of online and in-person events.

    The online option is not merely via texting, you enjoy virtual events made possible through a seamless integration with the Zoom platform. This is not the half of it, the magic of these virtual meetings is how immersive they get. Customers are made to feel like they are physically walking the aisle, watching and carefully examining products where necessary.

    With ServvAI you get to choose what you want and customers are allowed to make choices that significantly improve their experience. Tailored events are the way to go and nobody does it better than ServvAI


  • Nothing improves a business faster than excellent customer service. When customers know you’re going to put them first, they tend to come back to you again and again. The best businesses place this at the top of their priority list.

    ServvAI does this perfectly. Through the app, your customers get quick answers to all their questions from professionals dedicated to ensuring excellent service and equipped with specific knowledge to offer useful solutions. A customer is never left stranded with ServvAI as every hitch is addressed as fast as possible. After-sale services are also available. Simply put, no one can compete when it comes to customer satisfaction.

    The user interface and general design of the ServvAI platform are in keeping with the desire to ensure customers have a seamless experience whenever they use ServvAI.


    Shopify businesses that organize virtual events for customers should look no further when seeking the best app for Zoom integration. ServvAI leads other apps when it comes to seamless Zoom integration. One would be forgiven if they think both platforms exhibit certain characteristics of Siamese twins!

    Merchants and businesses hoping to improve their remote collaboration will find that the integrated Zoom feature offers the perfect experience. The integration with Zoom is deep with a multi-user setup and dedicated portal that allows for live events, live shopping, webinars, and recordings. There is no need to open the Zoom app on one page while ServvAI runs on another, instead, you can simply use the integrated Zoom through your dedicated page.

    When you run a team, you are not forced or cramped into a single account for Zoom, instead, all the members of your team can easily connect their unique Zoom accounts to host and participate in meetings, webinars, or other live events you might organize. 

    All Zoom capabilities and options are available to individuals and members of teams. Conferencing features allow for more productivity without reducing personalization. Merchants worry that with independent Zoom accounts, they lose cohesion and the seamless work environment but with ServvAI you can maintain your individuality while seamlessly integrating with other members of your team. 

    When it comes to an all-around app for your Shopify business equipped with video conferencing capabilities as well as the best ease-of-use for merchants and customers, ServvAI is your best bet!


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