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How Can Servv Help Your Business?

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If you have clicked on this blog, you are curious as to how can Servv help your business. There scenarios are endless for how Servv can be used to benefit your business. Servv provides a one-click easy to use integration of two widely deployed platforms, Shopify and Zoom. Shopify supports over one million businesses worldwide and Zoom is taking the world by storm. With this easy to use integration, business owners can post upcoming training sessions online allowing customers to easily sign up and pay.

shopify zoom integration

This article will focus on few categories of business listed above like online classes and workshops, fashion, and counselling.

Online Classes and Workshops

Due to the pandemic going on, many businesses have had to cancel in-person sessions. These businesses can include yoga classes, karate classes, tutoring sessions, and many more. However, just because these classes cannot physically be done in person, doesn’t mean that they cannot be done at all. All you need to do is have a computer with a camera. Then classes can continue, the same way meetings are conducted in a work from home environment. Servv will integrate both Google Calendar and Zoom into your storefront allowing your clients to book sessions with you, and you can host your classes whenever you want. Your classes can still continue in a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.


One problem fashion boutiques often encounter is not being able to showcase their awesome new line of clothing that just arrived, especially to customers who live far from the boutique. Servv solves this problem by allowing you to host webinars for your clients to showcase all of your awesome products as well as answer any questions your customers may have.


One to one counselling sessions are important. And a lot of people need counselling, for any matter but cannot go to their usual counsellor homes or offices due to the pandemic. Through Servv, similarly to how clients can book classes with teachers, clients can also book sessions with professionals to allow them to continue their counselling or therapy while also being able to do it in a professional and comfortable environment. 

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