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Productivity is not what it used to be anymore. The exponential technological advancement going on all around us every day has changed the way we approach work and shopping– of course, some people are still stuck in the last century but that’s not you! I bet you use a lot of nifty apps to make your life and business much easier. If you do, then you are certainly keeping up with the times and reducing your hassle.

A lot of people still coordinate their appointments and shopping schedule over the phone, others do it via emails or go through lengthy in-person processes that steal time that could be used elsewhere. With appointment booking apps, you can sell and book appointments, automate payments, manage your business, and veer towards greater efficiency.

If you sell on Shopify and still struggle with your appointment booking processes, this is for you! These apps will help you avoid double bookings and simply your business. If you already use appointment booking apps, read on, you will definitely find a gem in here. Here are the top 5 appointment booking apps out there in descending order, the leading app will surprise you!



When you’re in the market for an appointment booking app that offers it all, Servv is the way to go. From personalized life sessions to Post Purchase Checkout, Servv covers the spectrum from booking to purchase and after-sell services that make the customers eager to return for more.


With its numerous offers, Merchants enjoy the easy integration of Servv with everyday apps like Zoom, Google Calendar and a host of others. Customers enjoy an easy booking experience while Merchants can manage customer bookings with little to no hassles. 


Customer support is instantaneous. Servv never allows customers to struggle, instead, queries and FAQs are attended to with an immediacy that makes customers feel valued. As a Shopify user, Servv is the best option when it comes to appointment booking apps.




  1. Advanced integration with video conferencing apps and calendar apps
  2. Easy implementation of bookings from Servv’s interface
  3. Offers a multi-user feature with dedicated member portals
  4. Online and In-person events including webinars, live shopping and recordings
  5. It allows recurring events
  6. Merchants can send timely reminders via email notifications. These email responses can be automated.
  7. Servv provides even and appointment widgets for easy display on merchant websites
  8. It offers a personalized experience



Most Shopify users are familiar with Appointly. It is considered one of the best-rated appointment booking apps but also, possibly the easiest to use. People struggle with complicated interfaces and the general set-up but with Appointly, managing appointments has never been simpler.

It offers are great number of advantages besides its simplicity from automatic synchronization of your scheduled events on both Google and Outlook to an easy merchant connection, Appointly offers a seamless integration process that draws users in.


  1. Easy to use as customers can manage their schedules and bookings
  2. Multiple payment options are available for appointments; your customers can either pay in full or by installment.
  3. The user interface is intuitive and allows seamless use
  4. The current design allows seamless integration with your Google or Outlook calendar with automatic synchronization
  5. You can choose to have one-on-one or group events through Appointly.
  6. It is cost-effective. Paid plan is only $5 monthly



Many consider BookThatApp the most flexible of all Shopify appointment booking apps. With this nifty app, you can take appointments, rent products, book accommodations or run classes with relative ease on your Shopify store! One of the major pros of this app is that it allows your customers to see available time slots which ensures that you’re never double booked. This design makes it easy to use both for the merchant, and the customers.


  1. Timely reminders are sent to customers
  2. It offers a blackout setting for days when you won’t be available. Once you designate a day “blackout day” there will be no bookings on that day as the date will be unavailable to customers.
  3. It offers report features that helps you analyze your progress or the lack thereof.



For Sesami, it doesn’t matter the size of your business, big or small. If you are looking to manage your appointment booking, streamline payment and invoicing as well as optimize your cash ecosystem, then Sesami offers one of the best systems out there!

The calendar booking app is intuitive and allows integration with Shopify point of sale as well as offering personalized booking options. When it comes to popularity, it remains one of the most popular booking apps out there.



  1. Sesami offers a universal reach, allowing for a vast number of languages and time zones to suit customer situations
  2. easy interaction with customers for scheduling or cancelation of appointments
  3. Seamless connection with Google Meet, Zoom and other conferencing apps
  4. Allows synchronization with Google Calendar



One of the reasons Appointo is one of the best appointment booking apps out there is the excellent customer service response. If you have appointment apps where your requests are left unattended for a while and your texts are left unanswered, you should consider turning to Appointo. Their custom service is top-notch, customers can easily reach and receive immediate response from staff in real-time.

When it comes down to the real business of Appointment booking, Appointo offers ease of use. Merchants can easily confirm bookings and send out timely reminders via email. Customers on their own can easily reschedule or cancel appointments where necessary. It plays well with Google and Outlook calendars with its seamless synchronization.


  1. Easy usage on both ends of the spectrum. The merchant and consumer have no difficulties scheduling, rescheduling or canceling appointments.
  2. It offers customization features.
  3. It plays well with Zoom for virtual meetings
  4. Managing bookings and appointments has never been easier, especially with Appointo’s interface