There are a few constants in the world and one of those is the importance of constant exercise to healthy living. Exercise in the real sense of it does not concern itself with the shedding of body mass alone, but with general body well-being and the health of the individual. This is what Splore Fitness has set out to achieve, the wholesome individual who is healthy both in mind and body. A fitness brand that boasts of the availability of qualified fitness trainers including Anya Arguelles with more than three sold-out classes, Bea Tabunar, David Marcelino, Bern Osias, Cam Lagmay, and others, customers are certainly in good hands when it comes to their fitness and general physical and mental wellbeing. Exercise will keep the immune system up and ensure a longer and healthier life.


Splore Fitness combines Yoga, barre, and other fitness training regimen designed to keep the mind and body in tip-top shape. It is not new to see Yoga and other related home exercise classes on television, it has existed since the advent of television and continues to flourish in a technologically advanced world. Brands have taken advantage of the need for a holistic exercise to offer customers a seamless way to gain access without necessarily leaving the comfort of their homes. Splore Fitness is not exempt from this, instead, they have gone a step in the right direction by integrating their events and classes through Servv™.

With Servv™, customers will find an “Event List” on Splore Fitness’ website. Here, all upcoming events and classes are itemized to ensure easy access to their dates, length of the class, time, and total cost. A google calendar is also integrated into the page to help customers plan their lives with considerable ease. The page which is powered by Servv™ is perfectly designed to work seamlessly for customers looking to purchase a fitness class from Splore Fitness. All information about each of the listed fitness classes is detailed and remains just a click away with Servv™ providing a very organized service that makes access easy for both the consumer and the service provider.

The best part of Servv™ within Splore Fitness is the integration of the event list with your calendar which ensures you stay up to date with all your events irrespective of the number of events you have registered for. Managing day-to-day activities and the herculean task of living and keeping track of everything that needs doing is a herculean task but with this integration, it has become a lot easier to manage life and keep track of your body’s exercise needs.Fitness videos and classes are streamed through Zoom integration powered by Servv™. So far, the overt services offered by Servv™ remain pivotal to the perfect function of Splore Fitness. The ease this collaboration offers both costumers and the proprietors of the brand through the provision of a seamless service outlet that incorporates a calendar as well as an outline of fitness classes to choose from.

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