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Enable face to face interaction for your Shopify Store with Servv AI

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Face to Face interaction

Small businesses depend on face to face interaction for yoga, gym, and beauty classes as well as physical and technical training. COVID-19 protocols are killing those small businesses rapidly. Servv helps small businesses resume revenue generating events. Servv helps small business owners save the business that they worked so hard to build.

As we began our journey at Servv, we focused on simplifying the integration of Zoom with web sites to provide COVID protocol compliant face to face interaction. We chose a Shopify integration with Zoom since Shopify has over 1 Million users and most of them are small businesses. Small business owners want to focus on their business issues rather than IT issues. Posting Zoom classes on a Shopify storefront is not a core competency in a small business. We thought that saving time posting Zoom events to a Shopify storefront was an ideal fit and small business owners would save a lot of time posting revenue generating classes on their web site.

Well, we are sort of correct. In the view of one of our lead customers, posting Zoom events to a Shopify storefront does take a bit of time. However taking a registration from the web site and manually adding it to Zoom to generate follow up emails and create the necessary Zoom registration is very time consuming and fraught with error. Servv eliminates all that confusion! That provides “more beef” by freeing up time for the business owner to focus on their key business priorities.

Lead Customer Feedback

Our lead customers are bringing us some excellent ideas to help increase the depth of functionality in Servv. Who knew that during a pandemic, in person face to face meetings would be important? Well, our customers know that. They asked us to add in person meetings for small groups. They asked us to add the ability to schedule one on one meetings based on the calendar availability of store employees. That provides “more beef” by adding additional options to post to the Shopify storefront.

Customers told us that they need to increase the sense of urgency among customers as they view Shopify storefront service offerings. We added the ability to show class size and number of registrations to date. Customers now understand that there may only be a few seats left, so they better hurry up and register before the event sells out. That provides “more beef’ by encouraging users to register for popular events.

Customers said “we have teams with members in different geographies & time zones using different languages”. Our customers asked us to support filtering on all those data elements. That capability will be available at the end of November. That provides “more beef” by letting customers easily find what they want rather than becoming frustrated and leaving the web site.

How to obtain a no charge trial

Servv- an easy to use application to simplify the Zoom-Shopify integration and provide “more beef” in so many ways. Download Servv for a no charge trial at

What’s next – how does Servv compare to other applications?