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Top 15 Shopify Apps You Need to Install to Boost Your Sales in 2021

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Shopify apps are tools that are specially designed to help retailers running eCommerce businesses with Shopify. There are hundreds of apps designed to help online store owners easily set up stores, optimize sales, manage their customer base, and grow their businesses.

However, the problem has always been finding the right app that fits a business model. Some of these apps, although helpful, are difficult to use. For this list, we have compiled 15 of the best apps store owners can easily integrate to boost their sales in 2021.

1. Servv

Communication has always been an integral part of sales, and Servv gives shop owners an unparalleled virtual experience with their customers. With Servv, shop owners can now communicate with their customers virtually with an in-real-life experience. According to the Walk Sands Future of Retail survey, 35% of online shoppers will spend more with Virtual Shopping.

Virtual Shopping - Servv

With Servv, you can do more than host a virtual meeting. With this powerful tool, shop owners can sell and track tickets (recurring and one-time tickets), mark appointments on Google calendar, host live classes, automate their email notifications, and more. On Servv, there is an opportunity for every online shop owner.

2. Sales Notification

Are you looking to increase sales on your Shopify website using customized notifications? Then, this is one of the best app available to you. With Sales Notification, you can encourage visitors to your online store to make purchases through sales notifications.

Sales Notification - shopify apps

Using Sales Pop, a feature available on the app, visitors to your online store can see what other customers are othering; a way of building their trust. People are more likely to buy products that have proof of recent purchases. Sales Notification also helps store owners send urgent cart notifications to buyers, along with private offers depending on their search.

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation plugin available to online retailers. It simplifies the creation of dynamic campaigns (floating bars, spin, and win campaigns, and pop-ups). Online retailers can also work with eCommerce templates to offer coupons,  generate leads, and special promotional offers.

OptinMonster - shopify apps

To improve the cart conversion rate of visitors, OptinMonster provides online traders with a custom-tailored tool that sends a message to visitors abandoning their carts. Online retailers can also automate their email marketing and content management with OptinMaster.

4. Facebook Chat – Live Chat

Facebook Chat is a live chat app that allows online retailers to connect their eCommerce stores with their Facebook profiles for better communication with customers. Online retailers who want to retain their customers should invest in developing a strong communication link.

Facebook Chat - shopify apps

Creating a real-time communication channel between you and your customers looking to purchase items from your store will build trust in them. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 67 percent of customers admitted that they could stop buying a product (even though they are good) if they don’t trust the seller or the company behind it.

5. Oberlo

In one click, shop owners can now import dropshipping products using Oberlo. Store owners can now pick dropshipping products, customize them, and add the products to their shops on the same day using Oberlo’s virtual warehouse. Even better, store owners can test new products without paying upfront.

Oberlo - shopify apps

Another interesting feature about this app is that it sorts out the inventory details, and ship directly to buyers. Store owners can focus their energy on building their store without worrying about the details involved in shipping multiple items. There is also an automated feature that store owners can use to process orders.

6. Free Persistent Cart App

The Free Persistent Cart App is an easy, fully automatic, one-time installation app designed to help Shopify store owners increase their sales. With the Free Persistent Cart App, when customers add items to their cart and login with another device, they find their items waiting in the shopping carts for them.

Free Persistent Cart - shopify apps

Customers like ease when shopping online, and making them put items in their carts multiple times can be frustrating. A survey conducted by Accenture notes that 47 percent of frustrated buyers will avoid doing business with a retailer.

7. Omnisend

Omnisend is an upgrade to the regular email marketing plugins for Shopify. With Omnisend, store owners can create robust automation workflows that can be added and sent via various channels including SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, push notifications, emails, and more.

OmniSend - shopify apps

The app also has a smart segmentation feature sellers can use to target a specific group of customers based on your customer’s data and their shopping behavior.s For eCommerce marketers on Shopify who wish to take email marketing to another level, Omnisend is the way to go.

8. Product Reviews

Product Reviews will display reviewed items on an online shop, a feature which helps online buyers make their decision. According to VENDASTA,92% of consumers now read online reviews, with 63% of them more likely to purchase items from stores with user reviews.

Product Reviews - shopify apps

There is an additional SEO-friendly feature that online store owners can use to review the scores of  Google search results linked to them. With this feature store owners can add the scores of their product reviews to Google’s search. Product Reviews will flag low scores so shop owners can resolve the issues with customers.

9. Rewards

One proven way to grow a business is to have customers always returning, and that’s the reason why Rewards was designed. Customers enjoy and will generally stay with brands that offer personalized services and loyal rewards. With Rewards, you can attract new customers and retain your most loyal customers using referrals and points.

Smile - shopify apps

Customers get rewards for opening accounts with your online store, referring others to the store, sharing your products on their social media platforms, and more. For helping you market your brand, they get loyalty rewards and incentives that they can use in your store.

10. Plug-in SEO

While campaigning and advertising is undoubtedly a great way of increasing sales, more often than not, the process is not well optimized. With Plug-in SEO, shop owners can now check the ranking of their SEO contents, fix and optimize these contents to get higher rankings for better sales.

Plug in SEO - shopify apps

Plug-in SEO alerts you when your image alt-tags are not labeled correctly.  With this tool shop owners can also check the speed of their websites, optimize blogs, fix broken links, and more. Online retailers on a budget can start with the free version of Plug-in SEO and upgrade to the paid version when sales improve.


TRUST solves the problem of the insecurity customers feel when they visit your store for the first time. Building the trust of customers is essential for boosting your sales, as a matter of fact, 92% of online shoppers will only buy from a shop the trust or a product that has customer reviews.

Free Trust - shopify apps

This Shopify app ensures that customers feel safe while visiting your store. TRUST brands your store, contact, and products with seals. There are seals for PCI Compliance, SSL, Secure Architecture, and guarantees for money return. Shop owners can choose which seals to display to win the trust of their customers and new visitors alike.

12. Kit

As a customer base grows, it becomes more difficult for a small online retailer to keep up with the demands of customers and marketing campaigns. Hence, the need for automated apps. Kit is an automated marketing Shopify app.

Kit - shopify apps

Kit reminds a store owner when he needs to post ads on Facebook. As a plus, Kit integrates well with other retargeting apps designed for other social media platforms.

13. Drip

Drip is another marketing tool online retailers can connect to Shopify for market automation. With this tool, store owners can monitor what customers do in their store. After collecting this data, shop owners can personalize emails sent to particular customers.

Drip - shopify apps

Personalizing the emails is a great way to show you value the customer and helps in building a relationship with them. Buyers are more likely to respond to personalized emails that to generic emails sent to the entire bunch. This tool helps also helps them share their marketing campaigns and messages across all their marketing channels.


A great way to keep the contents of your online store fresh is by using your Instagram. With Instafeed, you can now automatically share your Instagram feed with your store and also blend the feed to match the design of your website. Even before Instagram launched their online shop (May 2020), Mention, 2018 states that 71% of US businesses claim that they use Instagram for business.

Instafeed - shopify apps

According to Socialbakers, Instagram has 4 times the buy-seller interaction that Facebook has. Facebook noted that: Instagram helps 80% of Instagrammers decide whether to buy a product or service. InstaFee will be an important tool in driving Instagram traffic back to our online stores. The free version of this app helps you automatically update your website with image and video content from your Instagram feed.

15.Sales Countdown Timer

The use of a countdown timer is a simple and effective way of keeping buyers on their toes whenever they visit your store. Countdown timers instill in customers a sense of urgency, telling them that now is the right to check out the items in their carts.

sales countdown timer - shopify apps

The Sales Countdown Timer is an app built out of the scarcity tactic. Using this app, store owners can add customized sales notifications or product countdown timers that match the theme of the store. There is also an option to auto-restart clocks when they run out of time.

That completes our recommendation of top 15 Shopify Apps You Need to Install to Boost Your Sales in 2021 but there are hundreds of others apps in Shopify Apps Marketplace that you should check and see what best fits your business and choose accordingly.

Finally: Integrating Shopify Apps

The number of shopify apps and plug-ins available to owners of stores of Shopify is almost limitless. If implemented correctly, these apps will improve your sales and overall experience on Shopify. However, they can be counter-productive when used improperly. Before choosing a Shopify app to feature on your website you should consider:

1.    Shopify Apps Compatibility

Some of these apps work great when they are used alone, but may not work when paired with another app on this list. Research to find out if the apps you are about installing are compatible with each other. You can also give it a closed trial-run before taking them live.

2.    Website Speed

While some apps may be compatible with each other, they may take a toll on the speed of your website. Installing one too many apps on your website is guaranteed to reduce the speed with which it loads. Installing a single app at the detriment of your website interface is never a good option.

3.    Shopify Apps User Experience

User experience is saved for the last because it is the most important option to consider. These apps are designed to bring more users to your customer base, not keep them away. Before you get too inspired to try out all the amazing Shopify apps, think for a moment about how they appear to a user. When you bombard users with ads and pop-ups on every webpage, you’re less likely to keep them before they complete a purchase.

Top 15 Shopify Apps You Need to Install to Boost Your Sales in 2021


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