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Stay In Touch Using Servv

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For many customers, it’s been a while since they have had a live interaction with others. Especially with businesses that they used to frequently visit. Customers may feel out of touch with you and your business. However, it is not difficult to stay in touch using Servv. There is no reason for customers to feel distant from you. Servv closes the distance gap and makes online events and bookings extremely easy. All it takes is a few easy clicks for your customers to book with you and after that, they experience a personal and live interaction with you.

With social distancing in place, many businesses including gyms, yoga studios, tutoring services, and more have been closed down or are unsafe in today’s environment. One may think that it is not possible for these businesses to continue operations without holding in-person sessions, but that is not the case. Many yoga studios and gyms and other businesses have spent thousands of dollars to hire web developers to edit their websites so customers can book online sessions. With Servv you pay nowhere near that price. Servv integrates Zoom and Google Calendar into your website so it is easy to stay in touch using Servv.

Servv is the perfect app for all businesses no matter what you do. Every single business requires some form of social interaction with your customers and it is important to some possible businesses that could benefit from using Servv include:

Business Opportunities:

  • Yoga and Fitness Studios to sell virtual classes and sessions
  • E-commerce Stores to increase profits by offering digital face to face communication, video support, & welcoming customers to store
  • Beauty Studios to provide Make Up Advice, One-on-One Training sessions
  • Music, Art, Pottery Studios to sell training classes or review high end products
  • Consulting or Professional Training businesses to sell training classes
  • Luxury Brands and Fashion Stores to help drive customer engagement and explain high end products remotely
  • Kitchen Supplies and Cooking Stores to sell online training for products and recipe/cooking training
  • Travel agents to explain travel options and demonstrate tours
  • Real Estate agents to schedule digital face to face discussion of available homes
  • Entertainment businesses to offer digital Concerts, Festivals, Meetups, Sports activities, Live Virtual Events