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Shopify Zoom Integration | Connect Shopify with Zoom in minutes

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Connect Shopify with Zoom in minutes using Servv app

Servv app allows store owners to connect Shopify with Zoom within minutes. With Servv’s face to face communication platform, store owners can just install our app and connect to Zoom using their Zoom email account within minutes. In addition, Servv app has been approved by Zoom, Shopify and Google. This also means that Servv has passed some stringent security and user experience testing from these big corporations which have certified Servv for their customers.

In other words, any store on Shopify like a yoga studio, ftiness gym, e-commerce store and the like can use the Servv app to create free and paid live events/classes. For example, Servv can help trainers and store owner to connect with their customers.

Shop owners can now level up how they connect with their customers in real-time through personalized live sessions. With Servv, you can take your business online and as a result, you will experience increased sales, higher profitability and satisfied clients.

The Servv app does all the heavy lifting to help business owners focus on improving their products or services. They can easily connect with their customers worldwide and be rest assured that the Servv app will handle all their live events and online sessions. Above all, Digital is the future. Join Servv and go online like millions of other businesses. Connect Shopify with Zoom today!

Businesses that Can Benefit with Servv

The Servv platform can help almost all types of businesses. For instance, Some of those that can significantly benefit are the following:

  • Online classes like Yoga Studios, Music Lessons
  • Health and fitness services like Live Training over Zoom, Zumba, Crossfit classes
  • Ecommerce stores to explain products to customers and provide a more personalized shopping experience
  • Education and Professional advice like 1:1 Consulting, Tuition
  • Corporate trainings, Real Estate virtual session over Zoom, Zoom Meetings
  • Fan Events, Tickets, Bookings stores
  • Other Appointment stores 

Servv download and pricing

Download: Servv app can be downloaded from the Shopify Marketplace –