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Servv’s Newest Feature: Host Multiple Appointments at Once

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While Servv AI may be the most feature-rich virtual event and appointment booking software on the Shopify marketplace, the development team continues to work hard to provide our users with additional relevant features.

The seamless integration of Shopify with Zoom has always been a core feature of the Servv platform; and now, brand new to Servv is the ability to add multiple Zoom users to your Servv account.

What does this mean?

This new feature allows Shopify store owners to now schedule events and appointments with multiple different employees. Use our Google Calendar integration to schedule and track all member events and appointments. 

For businesses with larger teams, this feature is critical and now enables them to host multiple events and appointments at the same time.  

How do I do it?

From the Servv app dashboard, you must select your account tab. From there, you are able to navigate to the ‘Member’ section where you can then add members and send them an authentication link. 

This permits other members/employees to connect their email, along with their Zoom account and Google Calendar, to your particular Servv account.

Putting this into action, you can enter the Servv dashboard and create a new event or appointment. In so doing, scroll down to event options where you can then designate the specific member to host the event as well as the specified connected Zoom account.

Overall, these features come together in establishing a vastly improved and more customizable experience for a vast range of businesses.

Why use Servv?

When it comes to virtual event and appointment bookings for your business, Servv AI’s seamless integrations between Shopify, Zoom, and Google Calendar are best in class.

Create free and/or paid live events, appointments, or classes and set yourself apart from your competitors by effortlessly connecting with your customers. Implement personalized live sessions such as classes, consultations, training sessions, etc. and take your business online to increase your profitability and client satisfaction.

No matter your business, whether real estate, personal training, financial advising, or e-commerce; Servv can be your all-in-one virtual assistant that gets your appointment slots filled, allowing you to focus on the other important matters of your business. 

Try it out today!

Download: Servv app can be downloaded from the Shopify Marketplace –

If you’re interested in a visual demonstration, check out our walkthrough below...

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