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Servv app now supports Multiple Members Feature with dedicated Member Portal

Servv app now supports Multiple Members Feature with dedicated Member Portal

📣 Exciting News! 🚀 Servv App now supports Multiple Members Feature with dedicated Member Portal! 🤝🎉

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an amazing new feature by, one of the best appointment booking software for the Shopify platform, which will completely change the way meetings and webinars are organised. 🌟

Introducing Multiple Members support! 🤝

With Servv, each member of your team can now easily connect their unique Zoom accounts to host and take part in meetings and webinars. Each member can connect their unique Google account as well to sync events directly to their calendars. In addition, members can manage all bookings from a dedicated member portal. 🚀📅

The opportunities for teams and organisations wishing to improve their remote collaboration experience are endless thanks to this new functionality. 🌐

Every team member can take advantage of their individual Zoom capabilities with the ease of controlling it all from within Servv's robust interface when your Zoom accounts are connected with Servv. 💼💻

Here's what you can expect from this game-changing update:

✅ Enhanced Collaboration: Your team may easily work with Zoom's robust video conferencing features with the Multiple Members feature. Each team member may easily host meetings, plan webinars, and run online events.

✅ Streamlined Workflow: There is no longer a need to hop between platforms or manage various Zoom accounts. You'll save time and maintain focus on what matters most—completing work effectively—by centralising all of your Zoom operations within Servv.

✅ Personalised Experience: Now that Zoom settings can be customised to each team member's preferences, they can have the ideal configuration for meetings and webinars. Within Servv, you may customise your virtual backdrops, audio settings, and a lot more.

✅ Enhanced Productivity: With the Multiple Members feature, you can now hold concurrent meetings and webinars, allowing various team members to interact with their respective audiences at the same time. Increase output and easily reach more people.

At, we're dedicated to provide the best resources for productive cooperation in the virtual office. This most recent update confirms our commitment to enabling teams to collaborate effectively regardless of location. 💪💼

To try out this exciting new feature, simply download Servv app ( ) from Shopify marketplace, and follow the easy steps to connect your individual Zoom accounts. If you're new to Servv, head over to our homepage ( to learn more and get started today! 🌐📲

Join the revolution in remote collaboration and discover how Servv's Multiple Members feature can take your team's meetings and webinars to the next level! 💥🚀

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