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Servv Live Shopping for Shopify

The practice of retail shopping has been here for as long as anyone can remember. It stems from human’s insatiable disposition towards possession; we see a thing and we want it even when it doesn’t solve an immediate need. The desire to acquire a variety of goods and services has continually fueled consumer culture and we cannot overstate the importance of consumer culture in commerce generally.

Yet, over the past few years, there has been a monumental shift from the traditional consumer style of shopping where you have to be physically available in-store to acquire whatever you may need. Home deliveries became a huge deal and you no longer had to go into stores to get what you need, instead, what you need comes to you, all you have to do was click on a product, pay with your credit card, and voila, the goods are on their way to you!

Now, all that has also begun to change with e-commerce and video streaming making it possible for you to experience shopping differently even from the comfort of your homes. Live shopping has seen an uptick over the past couple of years with shoppers utilizing live streaming technology to enjoy a seamless shopping experience that isn’t monotonous or boring.

This trend does not exist only within consumer culture, it has spread to the workforce with remote engagement forming a core part of our existence, especially following the devastating reality of COVID-19. People will rather stay within their homes and away from a crowded aisle if possible and while Live shopping first made an appearance on the commerce scene in the 1970s, it witnesses a considerable boost since 2020.

China has been ahead of the world when it comes to live shopping. Live shopping is responsible for 10% of the entire Chinese e-commerce market and it is expected to double by 2026 according to McKinsey. Here in the United States, the fire of live shopping is roaring through the e-commerce world with about $5.6 billion made in 2020 from live shopping in the United States. 2021 brought in almost double that amount and it is expected to shoot beyond the $20 billion mark by 2023. If you haven’t jumped on this trend yet, you might be missing out on something truly remarkable.

Yet, for the uninitiated, the term Live-shopping may appear ambiguous and untenable, so let us quickly explain what it means.


What is Live Shopping?

Live Shopping or Live stream shopping is an interactive shopping experience where a shopper sitting in front of her computer at home can enjoy an immersive experience that feels a lot like walking the aisles at their favorite shops.

Now, you don’t have to read product descriptions or scroll through a ton of website pages, you can simply join a live video chat and enjoy a live conversation about specific products before making your purchase. Now you feel like you’re in the store without the hassle of actually being in the store or sharing the aisles with a ton of people.

ServvTM  brings you Shopify Live Shopping

ServvTM is a Shopify Appointment booking and Live shopping App. Designed for virtual and in-person appointment booking, webinars, recording, and live shopping experiences. The app, in collaboration with Zoom, the live video streaming app allows e-commerce businesses to tap into the flourishing world of live shopping and improve revenue while catering to a more satisfied clientele. With ServvTM, you can create a seamless live shopping experience for your teeming customers and enjoy a huge slice of the Live Shopping windfall set to hit the world of commerce.

We offer an improved virtual shopping and virtual clientele experience while guaranteing post-checkout upsell and reducing operational costs. The ease of installation and use makes this app one of the best for the Live shopping experience and allows you to keep your customers engaged as they peruse products and make decisions about what to buy.

ServvTM is integrated with everyday apps like Shopify, Zoom ad Google calendar, making navigation easy and completely seamless.

What are the advantages of Shopify Live Shopping?

  • Fun from the get-go!


Remember how consumers always want to head to stores with friends? How wonderful it feels to get the opinion of friends on a piece they want, try out products together, or make a joke about how hot a dress will look. Or even enjoy the occasional laughter while shopping? That is the best thing about the in-store experience and with Shopify Live Shopping, you can give that experience back to your consumers once more! They get to join a live shopping stream with a couple of their friends and get to enjoy that community shopping they’ve sorely missed.


  • Personalized service and improved customer relations


With ServvTM You can offer consumers appointment bookings where they get specific time bookings and a curated live shopping experience on your Shopify store.


You are able to offer curated service, offering consumers with an open tab some personalized attention that keeps them coming back for more. Direct contact between you and your consumers is made better with Live shopping and the chances of ensuring they get exactly what they want are doubly improved.


  • Cut costs and improve upsell


The cost of running a virtual consumer experience is considerably lower with ServvTM, which operates on lower subscription rates when compared to other platforms offering the same service. The service is already available to you, all you have to do is simply tap in!


When you lead a customer virtually through the aisle and show them curated products, you have a unique opportunity to show them more products and convince them to make more purchases even when they didn’t plan for it. With ServvTM you get a better shot at upselling and not just blind upselling, you already have an insight into what your customer desires and it is much easier to sell related products.


Final Words 


What we offer is an opportunity to join a hugely popular consumer trend that allows you to improve customer experience and boost sales. Don’t allow your business to wallow in traditional shopping models, it is time to take the leap into the future of shopping.