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Introducing Servv's New Multi-User Feature with Dedicated Member Portal

Introducing Servv's New Multi-User Feature with Dedicated Member Portal

Servv, the all-in-one booking app and scheduling app for Shopify has introduced a new feature to support multiple members. Servv allows each member to connect their Zoom and Google accounts and access a dedicated member portal to manage their bookings. This new capability is a game changer for consulting firms, educational institutions, and healthcare providers who rely on virtual or in-person events and appointment bookings.

Allowing each employee to connect their unique Zoom and Google accounts and perform virtual and in-person appointments with customers can give firms with various benefits. For starters, it can boost client flexibility and convenience by allowing them to plan appointments with specific staff depending on their availability or expertise. Second, because employees can manage their own appointments and schedules, it can boost team productivity and collaboration by lowering the pressure on managers and administrative staff. Third, it can assist organisations in more successfully managing their resources because employees can use their own accounts and devices, minimising the requirement for pricey gear and software. Finally, it can improve the client experience by delivering more personalised and efficient service, resulting in improved customer loyalty.

Servv customers can now effortlessly connect their Zoom and Google accounts to the app and manage all of their appointments and meetings in one place with the new functionality. This eliminates the need to switch between apps and platforms to schedule and attend meetings. Servv has simplified the process and made managing virtual appointments easier than ever for businesses and organisations.

Another interesting addition to Servv's feature set is the dedicated member portal. It gives users a safe and convenient way to manage their appointments and bookings. The following are some of the important elements of the member portal:

- Unlimited User Accounts: Users can create as many user accounts as they need to manage their appointments.

- Self-registration: New users can sign up for the portal without going through an administrator.

- Invite to Portal: Administrators can invite new users to join the portal and manage their own appointments using the Invite to Portal feature.

- Custom Domain URL: Organisations can customise their portal's URL to reflect their logo and make it easier for consumers to remember.

- Branding customizations: To make the portal more personalised, businesses and organisations can add their logo and brand colours.

- Multi-factor authentication(MFA): MFA is supported: For enhanced protection, the portal offers multi-factor authentication.

- Identity Store with Federation: The portal supports identity federation, which allows users to log in with credentials from other systems such as Google or Microsoft.

Overall, Servv's new feature is an excellent addition to an already excellent offering. Businesses and organisations can save time and streamline their virtual and in-person event or appointment booking operations using the multi member feature. The portal's customization and security features make it an excellent alternative for businesses of all sizes. If you're looking for a scheduling app that can do it all, Servv is the way to go.