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Every business aims to make as many sales as possible every day of the year. Sales is how businesses stay afloat – of course, a business that doesn’t make sales will soon find itself extinct and expunged completely from memory.

Making sales on Shopify requires not just an understanding of the market and its aspects, but a savvy application of some of the best tools for automation, advertisement as well as customer services that ensure your customers return to you with their needs.

What tools have you been using? How effective have they been so far in boosting sales and ensuring customer satisfaction? Would you like to learn about the number one tool for boosting sales on your Shopify store? Come along then, let me take you on a ride!

One of the best tools for merchants looking to boost sales and rake in revenues is ServvTM. Everyone is using it, everyone is talking about it and if you aren’t using it already, you might want to begin or you’ll be left behind in the race to. In this article, we’ll learn all about ServvTM and how it can help you boost sales and scale your business. 



ServvTM is a platform designed to help businesses increase sales through targeted online and in-person events and appointment bookings. That sounds pretty simple when you think of it but while ServvTM is one of the easiest-to-use platforms, it is by no means easily simplified like in the definition above.

What you get with ServvTM is an app that allows you to simplify your processes from customer conversion to point-of-sale and after-sale services. Its integration with other everyday apps allows you to navigate Zoom, Google Calendar as well as other related services on one seamless screen.




  • Virtual events:

While our world has been tilting towards virtual events since the turn of the century and the ubiquity of the internet, there has been a hastening towards that end post-2020. The COVID-19 pandemic allowed for market disruption and alternative reasoning. Social distancing meant many people couldn’t just walk around a mall at the same time hence, virtual marketing. People could place orders from the comfort of their homes and have them delivered in a jiffy. But that system has always been there, so what’s new? 


While people could easily make purchases from their homes, something was lacking, there was no way to verify the authenticity or specificity of a product. Pictures could be taken and sent but how ineffective is that? This is where the ServvTM virtual in-person event comes in. Merchants on Shopify can allow customers to book an appointment which allows an experience akin to walking through the aisle without actually being physically present.


These in-person events are organized by ServvTM in a seamless integration with Zoom. Customers get to make choices of goods and in doing so, enjoy shopping in an almost physical way.


When you offer your customers the opportunity to be a part of the process in a non-cumbersome way with the app’s in-person sessions, you show that you prioritize their needs. Every customer desires special treatment, it is a universal trait all humans share and if you can make them feel special, you are almost on your way to multiple sales.




Shopify is home to lots of appointment booking apps all of which pale in comparison to ServvTM. 


Buyers desire one thing and that is ease. No one who goes through the hassle of making money would love to go through another hassle when it comes to spending that money and with ServvTM your customers can enjoy a hassle-free transaction from point of sale to after-sale services.


To book an appointment for your Shopify store, ServvTM allows a seamless booking with flexible options to suit various demographics. If you’re looking for personalized or group events, it is available. Virtual meetings are organized through a seamless integration with the Zoom platform making it easy to connect and discuss your customer’s needs.


There is no room for forgetfulness and you won’t lose a potential customer because someone forgot their appointment. You can automate email notifications and reminders to ensure your customers are always aware of set events.




ServvTM is designed to put the customer first. This is why the design is customer-friendly. Customers can book, readjust or cancel appointments with ease. The interface is seamless with customizable templates that make sure every customer is as comfortable as possible.


Events can also be tailored to specifications. This ability to personalize events is an area ServvTM thrives on, allowing merchants an avenue to make their customers feel great!


A team of dedicated professionals is always on hand to provide support and guide customers through any difficulty. This customer service does not materialize only at the point of conversion, it lasts beyond sales to after-sale services.





Every business person knows the importance of after-sale services. It is not simply about getting the customer to go through with the purchase, the best trick to have is to get the customer to return again and again.


The way to make this happen is simply to make the customer feel special. Whatever question they may have, whatever assistance they may need during the transaction and afterward be there to provide!

 ServvTM does this seamlessly and offers you the avenue to reach out and ensure that your customer is thoroughly satisfied after the business is concluded. Bad business people are the only demographic who never seek customer feedback and retention and since you are not a bad business person, I am sure you desire feedback and ServvTM gives you the best tools for that.





If you use ServvTM services as you should, you are on your way to improving sales and revenue in a very short time. The only thing you might be doing wrong is simply not using ServvTM